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Ill also add this bit of info which was a bit intriguing.
Our conversation was very genuine and i told her that judging by her behavior (rejecting me, making excuses, playing hot and cold, etc) i assumed she wasnt into me. She agreed that she had rejected me a lot and commended my persistence haha.
She then said that she already developed very strong feelings for me but didn’t want to lead me and herself on as she didnt think anything would happen between us (relationship wise). Her reasoning was that shes religious and her belief on no sex before marriage wouldnt be compatible with my view. This thought caused her to purposely distance herself from me and reject me even though she liked me. Kinda interesting huh.

To be honest sex is quite important for me on solidifying a connection in any relationship. I told her that if she never gave our relationship a chance then she cant go assuming it wouldn’t work out. I also added that there are other ways around sex to get pleasure lol :p

now i guess i have to value either having a good emotional connection with someone without sex or just drop it the whole thing and continue the hunt to better things.