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Playing games can work really well. I have a story.

I had this really hot girl on facebook because she contacted me about joining a band I was in. Nothing ever came of it, but I kept seeing her posts and wishing I knew her.

A couple of years later, I was in a venue and she walked in. I say, ‘hey, you’re Jen aren’t you?’ We talked for 5 minutes, but I had to go.

The next morning I got a facebook message from her – I got all excited cos I really liked this girl. I was with a girl friend at the time, who said ‘don’t mess around, just ask her out’. So I did.

But Jen just kept making chitchat and ignored my question. So my girlfriend says ‘just end the conversation, she will read back through her texts and realised she just fucked something up’. So I say ‘Well, I’m going for breakfast with my friend now, talk to you later’.

Two minutes later I get a message back from Jen: “I’m out in Camden right now, come and meet me if you like.”

That is a good example of ‘playing games’ working well. The thing is, I really was going for breakfast with a girlfriend that day – but I could have just as easily been bullshitting while sitting at home on my own.

To make it even better, it was a girl that advised me to end the conversation. So even though they will say they don’t like playing games, they totally understand how powerful it can be.

(Incidentally, I also have another story that completely supports Ryano’s point of view)