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Whether you want to sleep with lots of women or have a long term relationship, challenging women is a great way to reverse the power dynamic and get women to invest more in your time together. They’ll do it if they think you’re valuable enough. Value takes on different forms – confidence, looks, status, money, pre-selection, etc. By being bold and sexually aggressive, you are displaying some forms of value. If you are also good looking and you approach often enough, this alone will get you plenty of dates. However, if you are not good looking or you just want to do better with what you already have, you can learn to adopt the behavior of the most desirable men. You’re not learning some stupid trick. The most desirable men do things that are good habits for any man. One of the things that the most desirable men do is they challenge women, even beautiful women. Beauty is bountiful in their lives, so beauty alone is often not enough for them, and they show that by challenging women to prove that they are otherwise interesting, that they are funny, smart, cultured, accomplished, etc. Women find this type of behavior very attractive. The more desirable they are, the more they want to be with men who find them attractive for more than their looks. So whether you want a chick for a one night stand or you want to make babies with her, you’re better off if you do more than just keep telling her how hot she is.