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zhelyasko, it depends what you want. do you want a meaningful relationship or do you want mindless sexual encounters?

if you see a hot girl in a club, think ditzy blonde chick that you just want to have some fun with. does it really matter what books she’s read? or what profession she’s in? i don’t think so. just escalate. sometimes the girl is really horny too and all she wants is sex, and a tiring intellectual conversation is exactly what will ruin it for her.

however, if you’re looking for an LTR of’course you want to know that she’s accomplished, she has a great personality, etc. She’s also looking for the same.

i believe that lee wants meaningful relationships with women. that’s great. i’m looking for the same thing at this point too. but you can’t assume that all men want that. i know plenty of guys that want to get laid as much as possible and the above advice would ruin it for them.

so again, just know what you want and seek girls that are looking for the same thing. that’s really what it all comes down to. finding girls with a similar interest as you.