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and under any circumstances, even if she acts like a jerk tomorrow, don’t say something like “well I was about to give you this.. but i don’t think you deserve it. i heard what you did with my friend blabla”. you will be the biggest wuss in the world if you do that. and/or bring up your friend. don’t bring him up at all!

just have a big smile the whole time tomorrow, flirt with her like a boss. go for the makeout, and even if she doesn’t want to make out you just let go with a grin and say “no worries” and try again after 2 minutes. regardless, just nonchalantly give her the card at the end of the day. (btw, this is more an f-u to your friend than anything bc i hope she tells him about it).

if you’re in a good mood and you give it to her, yet she was a jerk to you that day, atleast it’ll eat at her heart. and you want that. 😉