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Don’t ignore the good advice you’ve been given. Complaining doesn’t help.

What’s more, if you are gonna complain AFTER you made out with her, she’s going to think she’s got you wrapped around her little finger. If you’re still making out with her, you have no bargaining power here.

I think you have two options.

1. As soon as she makes any suggestion that you hang out, be totally upfront and just tell her you’re not spending any time with her while she sees your friend. No anger, no drama, just be honest and go home.

2. Do the disappearing act Lee suggests and leave her trying to figure out what happened. The mystery could work in your favour.

BTW I don’t think you have to ignore her at work. Don’t act like you’re pissed off. Just act like you would with any other work friend that you’re not getting intimate with.

Whatever you do, do NOT make out with her.