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Dude, I’ve been in the EXACT same place as you in recent months and got through it.

I had quite a lot of AA and always did a lot of warm ups. Many times I would go out practising for 3 hours, but it would take me 2.5 hours to get warmed up so I would only have time for 1 proper approach after that.

‘Ramping up’ always seemed to work quite well until I started trying to use Lee’s Deep Thoughts, which I found scarier than a normal direct approach for some reason. Then, no matter how much ‘ramping up’ I did, every time I went in to try ‘Deep Thoughts’, I felt like I was about to fall off a cliff.

But one day I went out for hours and managed to do 3 ‘deep thoughts’ approaches in a row. I told myself I could buy myself a new ipod dock if I did 3, which kinda helped. Ever since then it’s been easier.

You just have to plow through it. Just accept that it’s gonna feel like crap, but it will work.

I think if you’re at that stage where you just have to make that last big jump, you are doing really well. After pushing through that most recent stage, I don’t need to ramp up any more. I approached a really hot girl today that I have seen maybe 4 times around where I work. I had always pussied out of approaching her before, but today I finally did it, with no warmup 🙂

Keep going man, just plow through it.