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achieving no fear is possible. I used to be the worst trust me. a few years ago i had a coaching session with sasha daygame, and he told me out of the hundreds of guys he coached i was the one with the most anxiety he’s ever seen.

1) it is just more practice. that’s all it is really. when u think it gets hard. practice some more. until it gets easy.

practice everything. practice indirect, direct, situational. practice weird logistical situations like the girl is jogging, or she’s with 10 of her girlfriends, or she’s on the phone. then practice saying anything you want to them. things that don’t even make sense. like “geesh does cats go to a pond?”… practice the most basic opener: “hi”. anything u have trouble with just practice that… so yes, to your answer: practice, practice, practice. go to huge cities and open thousands of people. that’s right: THOUSANDS. that’s what i had to go through to beat this. but i was very determined. it’s all i could think about day and night.

2) yes. if you do 1) you’ll be able to approach anyone. you won’t need to get into “state”. or any of that beginner shit. you’ll be able to approach naked playboy playmates and have them not even phase you in the least. in fact, you’ll get bored. but that’s the next problem: boredom. you’ve done the impossible so many times there’s no butterflies in the stomache, there’s no anxiety, there’s nothing really. so you get jaded… but being jaded is definitely better than having approach anxiety. whenever i want a date now i just approach 10 of them and i get a date. it’s not a problem.