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@MrA escalation was a big one for me. and truthfully i view everything as an escalation. even the approach. you have two strangers that don’t know a thing about eachother. the moment you say something to her, boom-you’ve escalated. you asked for the number, you’ve escalated again. you texted her, you’ve escalated, the moment you touched her you escalated again, and on and on. eventually you have sex. and if you two keep going at it for a few months, now you’re bf/gf. it’s all escalation…
the problem that i’ve been reading from your posts is that you stop escalating. especially when you’re on a date. it seems that you just like to talk. i used to do that too but it got me nowhere. girls would just get bored and i’d not hear from them again. or they’d cast me in the “friend-zone”.
if i had a choice between tension/push-pull/teasing/challenging vs escalation. i’d take escalation. that, and just being a good person– workout, work on your finances, have a good personality/sense of humor, be sociable with people, etc. but that’s about it. i don’t need to “trick” people to like me. or the thing i hate the most: act like i’m better than them, or that they think i’m busy when i’m not. I could puke when people do that.
from your posts it seems you’ve been trying to implement the gamey stuff. how about you try to implement some of the things that i say too. just put your sexual foot forward on the date. don’t give the girl mixed signals. just go after what you want. you’ll find that women respond great to it.

girls chase, but from my experience only after you get intimate with them.