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I mean there’s a few basic primitive moves, but what I’ve seen most do in forums like this is get into “if this then that” algorithmic scenarios which all this does is communicate to the girl that she is above you.

And mating is an innate skill you’re born with. you don’t need to teach a horse how to fuck another horse. you don’t sit them with a pua rulebook. same with humans they haven’t evolved all that much. sure women want their equalities but when it comes to courtship how equal are women to men? why don’t they approach or escalate? we’re still animals dude..

also attraction is not something you can quantify really. i know for a fact that the woman i’d be attracted to would need to behave the way she was brought up to behave not theough some cheap ebook she bought online. similarly each one of our parents didnt need a pua book to attract and create us..

the guys around me that subscribe to the most “game” are usually the ones that do the worst with women. it’s the ones that dont even think about it that do the best.. the ones that are the truest to their primitive nature.