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@zhelyasko as far as “behaviours that are universally more likely to get you success”, the only thing is:
1. Approaching
2. Escalating
because I realized early on that women are just completely passive and don’t do anything to help in the courtship process.

now as far as how 1. — you can do it any way you want. no rules at all. as long as your mouth moves, and you ask them for the number at the end of it. that’s all that matters. and if you can do social mistakes/awkward things, all the better.

I remember when I was starting out I had this massive argument with a guy because he just opened with “heyyy how are you?” to girls he saw during the day. I thought it was socially “wrong” and I thought what he was doing was unsmooth and weird. I just thought it was against the “rules”. and i kept doing indirect shit as a result like asking for the time or whatever… fast forward to a few years later and I can definitely tell you how wrong I was. you can totally say “how are you?” to anybody you want and get favorable results. =) The reason being is that girls actually LIKE guys that break social standards.

as far as escalating. again, there are no set rules here. just as long as you’re linearly escalating is all that matters. you just need to escalate to the point where one of two things happen:
1. you get what you want
2. she rejects you, and so you try again later.

You just need to baby step things. just keep doing things linearly until you get a rejection of some sort. for example:
1. you flirt with her by joking/teasing/etc. (if you don’t know how to do this goto youtube and type “how to flirt”)
2. you stand a bit closer in her personal space.
3. you look her deeply in the eyes.
4. you touch her arms while expressing yourself through conversation.
5. you lead her somewhere, like a different part of a venue.
6. you inspect her jewelry or clothes. like if she has a bracelet you inspect the bracelet while holding her hand. or if she has tight jeans on you might remark “wow, those are really tight” and try to pull on the fabric.
7. when you walk somewhere you lead her by holding her hand.
8. you put your hand on the small of her back when she’s walking through a door.
9. you talk about “dirty” and sexually charged topics in the conversation.
10. you ask her if she wants to come back to your place for a drink.
11. you make out with her.
12. you let your hands explore.
13. you put her hand on your dick (my favorite move)
14. and on and on and on….

and you don’t have to do the above in that order or anything, heck i’ve had girls, made out with them and placed my hand inside their crotch and fingered them. all within 5 minutes.

the important thing is just ESCALATE, and see if she goes along with it or not. if she doesn’t you either try again later, or you find a different girl that wants to be escalated on.

but everything else that guys obsess with: push/pull, negs, tension, etc, etc. is all bullshit. I’ve had girls I’ve laid without negs or tension or anything.

and forget about rules. for every “standard” you show me i’ll show you a case where i’ve completely bent the rules and got results anyway.

if anything, you need to get AWAY from rules and regulations. the older we get more rules and regulations get piled on. The more books you read you decide you need to do “X,Y,Z blablabla to get the girl.” go back to being a guy without any rules, make your OWN rules, that’s what leaders do anyway. and that’s where you’ll see the most results..