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it’s not science you can never know why a woman flakes due to the multitude of reasons. there’s too many variables to even bother. guys new to the game almost always decide that this reason is about them. and even if it is (which is not always) then the man ends up modifying his behavior to accomodate what he “thinks” the woman wants to see. but because of the variable preferences that women have this is impossible. for example, some women want an agressive guy and some women want a hands off guy that plays hard to get. so him modifying himself he just ends up shooting himself in the foot anyway. also by modifying himself he does what women is considered weak and needy anyway.

so you’ll never know. so instead best to focus on your preferences. and you filter out the women that don’t meet your demands.

i dont expect guys new to this to understand. it took me 3 hard years to understand this. if you’re new just keep modfying your behavior to make women like you you’ll experience the flakes anyway and then you’ll come back to what i’m talking about anyway.