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cage fighting is her interest. both of these girls don’t mean anything dude. the only thing that’s important is your ability to take action. if you keep on getting numbers, you’ll text them and forget about them then all of a sudden out of nowhere one bites. you need many like that. work on your pipeline, not on a girl. before you have sex with a girl, they’re just fleeting instances. (after you have atleast sex, now the girl becomes a more serious part in your life.. atleast from her point of view).
but just keep doing your part, approach them every day, ask for numbers, and all of a sudden you’ll see you’ll have more girls than you’ll know what to do with, to where YOU’RE the one that starts ignoring them because you simply can’t handle the volume. you need to experience that. you’re almost there i can feel it. just put all your focus on generating leads not on “when she’ll meet, will she text me back, why hasn’t she answered / was it something i said?” those questions will get you nowhere. bc a single instance will always disappoint you, but many girls will never disappoint you. as my mentor janka said, RESULTS HAPPEN IN AGGREGATE.

p.s yeah taht’s fine with ‘just going about your daily life’ but if you’re serious about getting leads. park yourself in topshop. or by oxford circus for an hour, or some busy train station. do massive approaches for a solid hour (no breaks) and then you’ll see what results look like i prmoise