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The advice that I’m giving you is not really about being nice. it’s about being yourself entirely. and when you’re really yourself you’re never nice. because true human nature isn’t nice.

for example i tend to be very assertive and true to what i feel. so i’ve had many girls that i’ve actually complained to them that they’re taking too long to message me for example that i don’t like to date “slow typers”, or given them demands about what i want and what i don’t want. there’s no apologizing for what i do.
on dates there’s alot of polarizing, where I’m the one that leads, decides, opens the doors for her, touches her here and there. i’m very flirty and sexual too because that’s what is fun for me. and i have a certain type of humor and intelligence from a girl that i like. if we don’t click on that level i end the date. you need to polarize to attract. I’m also the one that takes the risks. i invite her back to my place, etc.

nice is tiptoeing around what you really want and doing things for her because you think it’s something she wants to hear. or changing yourself for the girl. like the guy in that previous post that told me how he’s chasing a girl that actually told him she wanted to wait until marriage to have sex. in my book that girl would be gone the moment she even uttered those words. anyway.. the moment i learned to be true to my desires that’s really what got me results.. you must be true to your desires though and eliminate anyone that doesn’t fit those desires though. don’t mold for the girl.

now the girl that messaged you i can tell she wants to see you and date you. make sure she knows it’s mutual and on the date just be very flirty and if you’re interested in her make sure you express yourself accordingly.