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The facebook analysis isn’t really the issue, your whole hesitation and second guessing yourself is the issue here.

1. “I immediately regret the smiley. She sees my message but doesn’t reply till 7 hours later”.

This is horseshit. do whatever you want. Add the smiley. she wouldn’t have replied until 7 hours later anyway. I told you about people’s interest. She was busy fingering herself and then going to the supermarket so she didn’t answer answer your question. It’s not about you dammit.

2. “I wait 5 hours and decide to to display interest”.

So you had to wait 5 hours to make her think you’re “cool”. Dude, do what you want. If you’re next to your computer and you see her message, just go ahead and reply to it. Don’t do things to make people “like you”. Just act like yourself AT ALL times. if people don’t like it, and they prefer people that take long times to message good for them. I fucking hate people that take forever to message me back personally. So I make it a point to message people after 1 second (if I see their message).

3. “but I have a fun life so I can’t complain.”

This again sounds like something you pre-meditated to make her think that you’re “da shit”. Stop doing that. Talk to her the way you talk to us.

4. The only thing I liked about your message to her is that you called her “foxy”. Now you’ve actually said something that you really think. That’s great. Another thing that it accomplishes is it shows her that you find her attractive. Should she say “thanks” or acknowledge it? No, they never do. But just by her continuing to talk with you means you’re doing good.


You need to understand why she messaged you. She got horny and now she wants to see you. Maybe she liked the way you look.

That’s all you need to know, don’t start analyzing yourself, don’t start making yourself look cool, don’t do all this extra stuff because it shows “neediness”. Just roll with what you have. You basically need to take her out on a date, that’s it.

Now you can just say to her. “listen, I was thinking it’d be great to see you again. Want to meet me for a drink after work one of these days?”

And that’s it. don’t overthink this. keep it simple, just go along with what SHE wanted — a date.