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Thanks for the advice man. Yeah its a little messed up because ive tried to get her before and asked/told her were hanging out outside of work and she’d always make excuses and we’d never actually hang out. So that was already a red flag questioning her attraction towards me.
And yes i agree sex is important and if i cant get it from her i shouldnt pursue. I guess working with her and constantly flirting and making out created that emotional connection for me as lame as that sounds. I think my expectation was that I’d ‘get the girl’ eventually, and now that expectation is threatened which is bothering me.


So basically end all contact with her and if she questions that say im busy? I guess since i work with her and see her a couple times a week, i should in a way ignore her, not initiate conversation, and not give her any sort of attention. This might help me distance myself from the drama but i think itll bother me knowing this is happening behind my back. Perhaps accepting the situation is the best bet and trying to move on.