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@Ryan–it’s not that I Want to do it 0% of the time–it’s just that I’ve been stopping myself from doing anything that forward for many years so it’s not just going to open up tomorrow. I agree that when it DOES open up it will be a great release.

Also–man, we have to lose the direct/indirect nonsense–whoever came up with that made a huge mistake. (I assume it wasn’t Eric or Lee–if so, sorry 🙂

“Direct” is free expression. In other words, the old, traditional “chatting people up”. If you want to say I think you’re cute/hot/sexy fine, if not fine. In this sense, Lee’s “deep thoughts” is 100% direct.

“Indirect” arises out of a fear of your own honesty so you need a workaround in hopes that the conversation flow will eventually give you an invitation to move things forward. If I see a girl and think “Man, what do I say, what do I say, ok, I’ll ask her the time”. That’s “indirect”, or as I prefer to think of it “trying to find a way in”.

But if you walk right up to someone and say “So hi there–what’s the square root of twenty-eight?” That’s direct.