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One other thing. behaviors dictate interests. Not what somebody says. A behavior is worth a thousand words. You only know someone’s interests in how they act. Their nonverbal body language, what they decide to do physically, where they go, etc. I don’t even listen to what people say anymore really. Nor does it even give me an indicator of their personality. I can tell more about a person by the way they tilt their head than by millions of words coming out of their mouth. That’s why game to me doesn’t even make sense. I get attracted to a girl by the way she moves herself. Where her eyes look, things like that. Those are things that really dictate a person’s character.

Same can be said about the guy. If your hands aren’t doing the talking with the girl, and she’s the physical type of girl. she generally doesn’t know what your interests are and you can risk losing her. that’s what newbs often lose girls to the “players”. not because the player is the “bad-boy” but because he expresses his interests loud and clear with the risk of losing the person. it’s a polarizing type of thing.