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Yes, I think these things do help. I don’t think advice like ‘be yourself’ helps one bit. If it was as easy as ‘just be yourself’, then forums like this wouldn’t exist in the first place.

I’m a good looking guy, I’ve got a pretty cool life, and I’ve got good social skills. I get told that I’m funny/confident/easy to be around. But none of that helps with attracting desirable women. Going up and talking to girls the way I talk to friends does almost nothing for me. Once in a while I get lucky, but for the most part I get lukewarm reactions, and at BEST I get numbers from girls who don’t give a shit about seeing me.

In a nutshell, going in with no plan and ‘being myself’ has never made anything special happen.

However, I HAVE had special things happen when I’ve been able to execute ‘game’ properly. I’ve had girls initiate contact with me. I’ve had a girl drag me off to sit down with her, leaving her girlfriend standing on her own. I’ve had a girl who was a ’10’ start qualifying herself to me and making hints about seeing each other again (this happened a week ago). I’ve had a hot girl ask me for my number.

These things haven’t happened to me that much, but they have ONLY happened when I’ve done something COMPLETELY unnatural to me. Something that would never have occurred to me to do.

And that is the point of learning this stuff. At the end of the day it’s not just about learning some lines. It’s about opening your eyes to other ways of interacting with people. It’s about getting in touch with your masculinity.

Yes, sometimes using ‘game’ can backfire, and sometimes you end up doing stuff that feels ridiculous because it isn’t YOU. But if game gives you a glimpse of what it looks and feels like to be the man you want to be, that can only be a good thing.