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out of curiosity, what happens to you that you feel anxiety? for the life of me I can’t even remember what it means to have anxiety anymore.

I think it’s because I’ve established a few pretty hard-core mindsets. I see people very much differently than I did years ago. Now I just think of them as locusts/insects that pretty much always just go after their own interests: sex/money. I also for a fact know with 100% certainly that nobody really cares about my own interests. So now I just look down on people mainly because I’ve realized this. bc I’ve realized that they have self-serving opinions. So they opinions are completely irrelevant to me. Maybe that mind-set could help you, not sure. But because of this mindset there is no possible way for me to have anxiety around people.

So if I’m in a supermarket and there’s a girl I want to chat up I just chat her up, even if there’s someone next to me, that someone doesn’t matter because of the paragraph above. And whatever impression the girl has of me it doesn’t matter either because of the paragraph above.

Also another mindset that has helped me is my understanding that women are passive. It’s ingrained in their nature. So I know that if I don’t make a move they will NEVER make a move. therefore I can’t rely on them. ever.