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@MrAntiquity having high self esteem and knowing your worth is not really game. It’s how you think of yourself as a person. And if you have things you’ve done in your life that you are proud of you will most certainly think of yourself as a highly prized individual. Guys that don’t accomplish much see themselves as low and they won’t EVER convince someone that they’re high value. For example, if we take a highly successful individual, for example, take Elon Musk. Does he need “game”? He’s a total nerd. But he’s accomplished alot in his life. He simply needs to breathe next to a girl and she knows he’s high value. So my point is, don’t make this about girls. Make this about your accomplishments. Work on yourself. Of’course you need to ask girls out. But your intrinsic value needs to speak for itself. And if it doesn’t, well, that means you need to work on yourself: go to the gym, work on your finances, upgrade to a bigger apartment, work on your style, etc. It’s not “game” and it’s definitely not “waiting 2-3 days to get back to a girl so she thinks you’re busy when you’re not” sort of thing.