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@SomeguyUK Right, like “game” actually wins her over? Dude you were doing so good before I left a few months ago and then you reverted right back to this weird thinking again. You don’t need shit. Just approach girls and ask them out. By you cold approaching them you’ve already done what 99% of men don’t do and on top of that you want to be “bold”? Be yourself. Stop with over-trying it reeks of neediness.

You keep going back to worrying about what she thinks about you, and trying to win her over. And you pulling back for two weeks to “change her mind” about you is another example of this. It’s lame behavior and it won’t make any difference. She either likes you or she doesn’t. You’re not going to change her with these weird behaviors. I think that if a girl likes a guy and vice versa they just want to spend time together, period.

Also, I personally would not want to have anything with a girl that “pulls back for two weeks to try and win me over”. That reeks of low self esteem to me. Btw, guess what happens within those two weeks, especially if she’s a hot girl she goes on other dates and forgets about you. You really aren’t as important as you think dude. Girls are like cats and the moment they have a new piece of yarn swinging in front of them they lose focus of everything else.

Anyway, I’m outta here. I’ve made my thoughts very clear on this forum and I’m not going to go back and forth about game and how stupid I think it is. Good luck to you guys and at the very least keep what I say in the back of your mind. You’ll most certainly need it.