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I’m using ‘game’ loosely as in the whole nonsense of dating. Of course flirting is a game. It’s fun–she tosses up a ball, you bat it back, or vice versa. I don’t mean game in a creepy PUA sense. Also I didn’t say that you “need” game if you’re not good looking/rich/hi status–what I meant by “not being a hot commodity” just meant that if you’ve gone through your whole life seeing yourself as undesirable, and girls have picked up on that and placed you in that category, then you need to change some things up or you’re always going to be there. Maybe you’ll get lucky a few times–maybe you’ll even find love and get married–but if you’re stuck then it’s worth experimenting with things that work for other people. For example–I’m a tease, but I never teased girls. I was afraid to. Once I started, and realized that the reaction was much more charged, I decided that I liked releasing that part of me. So it was kind of calculated, but also something that fit.