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I don’t play games at all, that’s my game. If I go out with a girl and I like her I don’t have a problem setting up a date right away or calling her and telling her I enjoyed it. Or just going with my gut instinct.

When I say girls are random, it’s because they are. Each girl is different. But one thing that will always remain the same: me. So I act like I always do and the ones that I get along with, those are the ones I want. I know who they are, I can spot them.

And don’t give me this bs that if you’re not as good looking or older you need “game”. Even if I was in my 80s I wouldn’t change the way I am. Besides, your inherent value (age, net-worth, looks, personality) isn’t going to change much by changing your “game”. Although you might argue that it raises your ‘personality’ dimension, I think if anything it lowers it because it shows that you’re a phony, and people can see right through it. The people that I’ve seen with the most game often times suffer from the lowest self esteem. And I’ve dated lots of girls I can spot the gamers right away. And they’re usually the weirdest people too.

The reason I play no games atm it because it’s simply more effective. And it’s RARE. Most people play games, it’s very “refreshing” when someone doesn’t. When a girl doesn’t play any games with me I respect her about 10 fold as opposed to when she selectively takes 2-3 days to answer me, or makes it seem like she’s “valuable” to talk to me, etc. I know she isn’t. People are simply not valuable in general. Most people have a handful of friends and are sitting in their miserable corporate jobs. They’re not valuable at all really so I can tell when they’re bullshitting me. What makes them valuable to me is when they’re true to themselves and to me. That’s really the only thing that raises their value.

Also, when I cut the game crap I noticed not only did I get more action, but it was something that I could sustain. What happens when you “game” a girl and then all of a sudden your true personality rings in? which it undoubtedly will. When the smoke and mirrors are gone she’ll be left with you anyway. So might as well show her your real self right away, so if she’s not a good fit she can run for the hills and spare me my precious time.

Anyway, the reason I don’t like forums like this is because it’s almost like a magician’s forum, or a sorcery forum. If you want to raise your inherent value I’d suggest you pursue your passions in life, be true to yourself, and don’t do things to impress people, rather impress yourself.

this girl likes you. stop seeing every missed opportunity like it’s a lost cause or that you did something “wrong”. She might have had things to do which prevented her for going. Don’t hold it against her and don’t start playing a chess match in your head. If you like her, pursue her. If you don’t, let her go.

p.s One thing though that I understand is women’s inherent emotional nature. So I don’t take what they say so seriously. If I really like a girl I’ll pursue her. Even if she doesn’t get back to me right away or doesn’t show me as much warm feelings back, I’ll keep being persistent. I understand it’s part of who they how. How they like to be courted. So when I say I don’t play games, that’s mainly from my side. But I know as women, they’re prone to be a little bit more “game” playing. But I also know that I can conform them to being more real as I have with many girls. Eventually you break them down and they become very real with you. I just do my job as the lead and I lead from example. They come around if you remain true to it.