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What you said about my approach is correct, but I’d also like to add the following.

1) Those of you who have had a hot woman contact you and ask you out know what it feels like. It’s a qualitatively different feeling to go on those dates. You walk in with an entirely different sense of self and entirely different set of expectations.

2) There are women who are not just hot but are also desirable in other ways – they’re smart and accomplished and funny and trustworthy, etc. – and they can be pretty selective. Many of those women – I would say most – are looking for an equally selective man. To them, that’s the most important quality in a man. He has so much going on that he has to be selective. It’s hard to get these women simply by chasing them.

3) I hate bad dates. Have I ever gone on one and had it turn out well? Of course. But on the whole, if I think a date is going to be lukewarm, I’m not going. I have plenty of other options. At this stage in my life, there’s only so much I’m willing to do to get laid, even when I am single and horny, and an evening with a girl who may not be that into me is not one of them.