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Welcome back (if only briefly 🙂

thing is, you and Lee play different ‘games” (I don’t like the word–but we’re lying to ourselves if we pretend that dating isn’t 95% posturing)

You play a purely numbers game–i.e. Girls a random, there’s a zillion of ’em out there, you’ll get some if you try, so relax and just do something. Which is a reasonable philosophy.

Lee’s (not to speak for him, but what it looks like to me) is about maximization and some basic rules of statistics and economics…odds swing a bit in your favor if you’re a bit more scarce and seen as more of a “hot commodity”. So why not maximize that if you can–and if you AREN’T A “hot commodity” maybe you can do some things to fake it a bit.

For people who really don’t give a flying rat’s ass at all, the numbers game is fine. For people who ARE a bit more naturally invested, maybe it makes sense to be a bit more creative (and economical) in how you do things.

I don’t like obsessing over playing games, but I’m not the kind of person to completely not care at all either….I think my approach is more of a middle ground that fits with my identity/personality.