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I like the clip from Die another day, when Halle Berry first steps out of the Ocean and Pierce Brosnan is checking her out…

Pierce Brosnan’s expressions, and leadership of the conversation, are just superb, he does not react much to her, rarely has more than a slight smile, and keeps upping the tension thru sexual innuendo regardless of how awkward it may feel ; also there is Zero approval seeking/apology in his approaching, on the contrary he maintains the slightly skeptical unreactive persona the whole time)

eg :when she says “if I had the time to enjoy it” ,
He : how much time do you have ? – almost deadpan expression
She: till dawn….what about you
He : ( instantly changing topics on the conversation – the push ) – oh, I’m just here for the birds, – ornithologist

& the initial opener, with a dead pan face

He; Magnificent view
She: sizes him up , then internally approves, and says “ yes, too bad its lost on the others “
He : ( does not react to her comment -which actually agrees with his situational? opener- & changes tack, maintaining leadership ) , instead offers : Mojito ?

The comment about predators feasting was awesome…..