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I’ve been there man, it’s frustrating. Just remember, it’s not always about you.

I’ve got a recent story that’s somewhat relevant here.

Back in April ’14, I met a really cute girl at a bar. We got on like a house on fire and made out loads. We had to go our separate ways that night, but we texted the next day and agreed we’d meet up soon.

I was in Spain the next week, and I texted her – no response. I figured maybe the text didn’t send as I was in a foreign country. When I got home I tried again – no response.

“WTF happened?!” I said to myself. This girl could not have been more into me, so how the fuck did I lose her? But I didn’t text her again.

Fast forward to last Friday, when I run into her in another bar. She comes over and apologises for not replying those times. She says she wasn’t totally honest with me when we met, and she was seeing someone at the time.

Next thing I know, she ditches some other guy she is with (who kept trying to give her shots), buys me a drink and we go home together 🙂

Moral of the story: sometimes it’s just about the girl and her situation. It’s frustrating, but if you resist the urge to do anything that lowers your value – like complaining or texting too much – maybe you’ll get another shot later.

Your girl does sound cold, but maybe she will be less busy in a few months.