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Yeah my morals kicked in and i stopped bringing up sex after a few goes when i saw that she seemed hurt by her past assault experience. One thing to clarify is that i didn’t ‘ask’ for sex but instead said that we’re having sex. Thats when she said she wouldn’t.
I think my problem was that i even bothered to mention it, i should’ve naturally progressed into it after fingering her.


Very true. Taking away attention and walking away is definitely a great tool to use. Although in this particular circumstance i was leaving the next day amd had only a one night window of opportunity to have sex with her. Telling her to leave wouldn’t of helped me out much lol.

On a side note, i think not having sex with her worked some kind of magic because she’s now baaically in love with me. The past couple of days shes been messaging me like crazy, planning on having me as a travel buddy for the summer and sending me selfies (no nudes tho haha).
Now i think i may have a new problem of telling her to calm down 😛