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I hate men who strongarm women into sex. It’s disgusting. This whole community is crawling with wannabe alpha creeps who want to say it’s ok, but the truth is that anything you have to work for this hard is bad for you, bad for her, and bad for a relationship that, as a consequence, has to be built on a rotten foundation.

A man should push for sex – and, in general, for what he wants – but his best weapon for getting it is not his persistence or his physical strength. It’s simply the ability to walk away. Taking away attention. Taking away your availability. Creating a feeling of scarcity. This is what makes women want to get closer.

When you’ve made your move and she stops you, the best thing to do is to get her out of your bed. “Alright, enough wrestling practice. It’s time for you to go home.” “Can I just stay over?” “No. You can stay over when I feel we’re getting really close. Obviously, we’re not there yet.”

Trying less works better than trying more, and it’s something they won’t resent you for later. Equally important is the fact that you won’t lose value begging for sex.