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This isn’t my territory but if a girl is repeatedly resisting it’s the ethical thing to do (not the “nice guy” thing to do) to not have sex with her that night–even more so because she told you that she was assaulted. I’d definitely say you did the right thing by letting things stay where they were.

There’s a big difference between playful resistance as flirtation and flat-out saying “wait–not right now”. Sounds like she was telling you the latter.

A lot of the stuff about “overcoming LMR” in the game world is actually abusive–so don’t fall into that trap. The idea is for her to not HAVE any last minute resistance–so perhaps there were some other steps you could have taken/things you could have said that would have allowed her to be a bit more open to you–what those are I”ll leave it to the more experience folks here to tell you 🙂