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I’ve been following your story for a while now and man oh man. I went through the exact same thing. I know exactly what you feel, i was going crazy, got so obsessed over her. Couldn’t sleep, eat, work. The problem here is that you’re living HER life and not your own. Until you realize this yourself no one can help you. You need to start doing things that you enjoy and are good for you and not worry about what she does. What helped me to get her back was dating other girls. As soon as she knew she would go crazy. It’s reverse psychology. But i don’t recommend you doing it just to get her back. It’s not healthy. She has to realize what she wants herself. It will eat you alive. Believe me. You probably won’t listen to me but best bet is to put this relationship to the end. You don’t realize it now because you think you can’t live without her but trust me you can.
I did manage to get her back and get her to break up with the other guy. We got back but past was always between us and things were never the same. In the end we’re not together and she has someone else right now. I just slowly started to accept this fact. Once you accept it you will feel much better.