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So I stopped bothering looking at her INstagram. My boy texts me at 5:30am and asks you by anychance are you with her now? Im like nah why? Cause I saw her out couldn’t tell with who BUT on Instagram at about 5am she posted a meme with a girl kissing a guys back and she wrote good night with a Kiss emoticon.

Well I don’t know if she’s playing games for me to get a reaction but it wasn’t about me.

Now she has been waiting for me to finish a project for her that’s due tomorrow. Now I don’t know if I should just have the fuck you attitude and not do it or will that show im pissed? I don’t want to be the asshole doing some freaking project when she could of did it her self if she had time to Go out! OR if she was or seeing another dude. Cause then ask that asshole to do it.

Or should I go down the route I should of taken for the Egypt trip and just saying im not doing it for lying to me. With no explanations at all and drop off the grid like you told me to do prior to Egypt when you told me to cancel Egypt?