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Sooooo this is what happened. This whole situation seems weird and crazy or maybe it’s just me. We spoke about where she went she said she was at breakfast with her mom. Luckily for her my friend saw her there with her mom. She asked me why do I want to know? I said oh no just asking. I didn’t want to look like an ass and tell her that she tells me where she went because she is not my girlfriend and it will sound like she has to report to me.

So this is the crazy shit. We went away but we changed destinations and we went more tropical. Something in me felt that we shouldn’t go, after everything I’ve been through with her (which you have read) I felt it was too soon, I also hate tropical trips with one person because I get bored quickly but since I promised her a trip for Christmas I felt that I had too, the booking was complicated to do, prices kept changing, I had problems with my credit cards. So many things was stopping me from booking this trip. It could of been a sign. But I still booked the trip. She seemed happy and I seemed happy but I had this feeling in my gut. Mind you I have been on trip with a significant other before and I have never liked being in someone’s face all day, I usually like trips in groups, events etc…

So we go on the trip, after we landed we took a shower, and went to eat. We were there maybe an hour and I felt weird. That weird gut wrenching feeling in your stomache maybe mixed with butterflies who knows. She also mentioned That I might hate her at the end of this trip because she’s not used too going away so far with someone and that she gets anxious.

So as we started to eat. She admits and says listen I don’t know why but I feel awkward and weird but I don’t understand why? So I looked at her and responded that’s weird because I feel the same and I felt the same before we came. So she said how come you didn’t say something before the trip we could of postponed it. I said well I Just wanted to make you happy and I thought the feeling would go away but you should of told me too. She said she also thought the feeling would go away and not let me down especially after she saw how much I spent. So I said you want to fly back? And she goes let’s just wait and see.

So we went to a casino for a bit then went to sleep it off hoping to feel better in the morning. Keep in mind we haven’t slept together in this new situation , we’ve slept together in the summer and in the past etc.. But not yet since we linked up again. I think that would of been the ice breaker but after this weird feeling I didn’t even want to try and maybe that’s why it was awkward cause we never broke the ice.

The next morning I go to the gym and I felt a bit better but still awkward. She texts me that she is going to call the airline to fly out if I wanted to take advantage of the place or if I was also flying back. I thought wow damn her feelings about the trip didn’t change, and if I would of stood alone it would of been torture. So I said no I am flying back with you. I was kind of hurt but I felt understanding because I felt the same way as she did.

The flight back was in the afternoon, and it was currently early morning. So I said let’s explore this place before we leave. She was like sure. So we had breakfast and during breakfast she was future planning wth me for a trip that were suppose to take in June for a friends destination wedding (which is a group trip) so I figure everything is still fine as far as this relationship since she is future planning with me. We also agreed to continue our relationship where we left off as if the trip never happened.

So before the flight we go explore the area and I see that my stomache feeling was fading and she was with me laughing and joking and we were flirting a bit. The place was really nice. Then she said Cmon lets go get a drink so we went, we drank a bit, spoke, joked laughed and felt fine. In my head I thought we should of gave it that extra day or 2 but the new airline tickets were already booked and paid for that afternoon. I felt the damage was already done so let’s leave anyway .

On the way back home everything seemed normal like nothing had happened, we spoke, laughed etc… When we arrived back home. I dropped her off at her house and then I came home. The next morning which was yest. I text her and reassured that everything was fine that we should of communicated about the trip prior because we both felt a certain way but that we had great thoughts of christmas and we did have fun prior to the trip. To let’s continue from there and that the trip never happened.

Honestly I am unsure if this created damage or if the relationship is actually over. We seemed fine and I am willing to brush it off and continue but I am not sure if she actually feels the same or just said those things to be nice. Even though she is a blunt person and probably would of just ended it. It sucks because now she seems the dominant one on where this is going. Yes I just sounded like a bitch but I am being honest with you so you can properly analyze this situation.