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Thanks Someguy,

Well the thing is, it is the second time. Its funny cause that’s what she said that time. Give me the benefit of the doubt. So I did. That time I saw her in person and spoke with her about it, so no messages. That was when we agreed to have clear communication. And the thing is, I AM needy when it comes to that. After thinking it through this morning, the gist of her communication was, “I lost my phone charger so we couldn’t hang out.” Which is rather childish in my view. And really, who doesn’t have a friend with a charger these days? She obviously had my #, she knew we had plans, she knows my need for proper communication, and she had access to at least one phone. I mean really, if it was reversed, any of my friends would be happy to let me use their phone, or they would have a charger I could use, or flip, if it was important I could buy one.

She specifically said she would stay the extra day so we could hang out. That made me feel special. It also endeared me more to her. When it went down this way it felt even more of a slight. Also knowing that she was leaving (well who knows) the next day bummed me out because then (theoretically) I wouldn’t get the chance to see her again before she left. That also hurt.

I do overreact sometimes. Usually because I care (as in this case, she sure got to me). I am happy that I didn’t get angry, that is positive for me. I did refrain from sending others, so there is that. Does anyone have a tool they use to not send those type of messages?