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Dude there are a million ways to tease someone but we need a little more context here. What is your relationship with this girl – have you set up a date with her? When is she cold?

The easiest way to tease repeatedly is to pick up on something memorable she did or said, or a personality trait, or something interesting about her background or appearance. BUT do not tease her on something she could be insecure about (e.g her weight). It has to be something positive about her or something she can laugh about. So for example if she tells you she has been up since 6am looking after her kid, you could say “God, you’re so lazy!” The joke here is that she’s clearly NOT lazy.

Another easy line I like to say when I’m out with a girl:
Me: This is a really cool bar
Her: Yeah I like it
Me: I mean, it’s a shame about the company, but you can’t have it all

That one usually gets a playful slap on the arm. Obviously it only works if it’s just you and her.

If you are drinking, there’s loads of easy teases you can do. If she says something stupid, or doesn’t get a joke, or drops something etc you can grab her glass and slowly move it away from her. Or if its early on in the night just say “and you’ve only had one drink!” Just do anything that implies she is wasted.

Look up David DeAngelo’s cocky/funny humour. Or google ‘push pull banter’. You can probably find loads of stuff for free online.

However, you want to be careful of trying too hard to banter. It can actually lower your value and make you seem needy if you are doing too much. It is a good way to show confidence and intelligence, but it shouldn’t be the only thing in your toolbox.