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I reckon this one is all about preparation.

Take her out for a few drinks, make sure you both get a bit tipsy. ‘Bounce’ her to a couple of different venues (always helps in my experience).

Then suggest you go home and do some more drinking at yours. Have a bottle of wine ready.

I would also prepare some excuse to bring her in to your bedroom – something you can bring up early in the night. Tell her about your amazing new bedspread or something. Or get a bit silly. Joke that you got a Bart Simpson bedspread and that’s how you get the ladies. Try and make it into a joke that you can keep referring to throughout the night. If she doesn’t find it funny, drop it. If she does laugh, it’s something to flirt with. For example, if she offers to get you a drink you can say ‘you’re only doing this because you want to see Bart’.

Other than that, I would just try and be very flirty and sexual with her through the night. It sounds like she responds to confidence, so just keep pushing the envelope. Be bold!

If you play your cards right you won’t need to have an excuse to show her your room. However, I know from our previous conversations that you’re a bit shy with escalating. That’s why I reckon you need booze and a ‘plan B’. 🙂

If all else fails, at the end of the night you can ask her if she remembers when you made out, and gauge her reaction.