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Yes Mr.Antiquity, but feelings are just a matter of perception. If we change the perception we are able to change the feeling, right? Reality itself remains the same but we can feel totally different about it based on how we are feeling (not just in pick up)


I get rejected at an interview. I can:
1) Get depressed, believing I will never get a job
2) Get frustrated and use this frustration to fuel my motivation, knowing that I will eventually make it.

See how our perception of things changes what we feel/ how we act. What I am getting at is that you should be able to interpret most things as positive to you. I am still working out the How, though. It’s not about being “happy” but about being in a state that allows you to take the action you know you should be taking. That is my goal: to always be in a state that allows me to take the action I want to take.

Any thoughts on that?