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Trying to be more active on this forum so ill put in an opinion.

My suggestion is similar to MrAntiquity’s last point. Meet up with them, say hi, show them that your awesome and leave. Dont stay too long,maybe an hour tops and leave with a comment that it was nice to see them but you’ve got other plans for the evening. Make the impression that the interaction was a secondary thing and that you’ve got other priorities.

Cartoox, if you havent replied to her invitation text yet I’d go with something like
‘I’ve got other plans for that evening already but I’ll try and make it out for a bit’. Dont commit to anything.

Show up a little late, be engaging and polarizing (kudos to ryano for that word) and leave on a high note. Wish friend 1 safe travels and tell friend 2 that you’ll see her around.

Ive done something similar to this when meeting a girl with her friends and it worked out with the one I wanted in the end.