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The safety card is overrated. Girls meet guys alone ALL the time. Like 95% of the time so why should he meet a girl that suggests she meet with you AND her friend.

Everytime in my life where I’ve met a girl that wanted to meet me with a friend it NEVER worked out.

I remember one time this I met up this chick for a date and she brought a guy friend of hers. I ended up having to entertain those two for the whole night. And funny enough, she wanted to come back to my apartment at the end because she realized I lived in a really nice neighborhood. And what happened? well her asshole friend said “listen, I don’t think that’d be a good idea”. And who did she listen to? of’course him.

I’ve had similar situations with other girls. Yes I know what you’re talking about, being comfortable with yourself, etc. But the dating world just doesn’t give a F about you at the end of it all. And when you have two girls judging you as opposed to one you’re working TWICE as hard. Women are very susceptible to groupthink and they will take their friends’ side over yours in a second. And that’s usually the safe side or the judgemental/critical side. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. It’s just the way things are.

Therefore, whenever a girl wants to meet you and a friend you say “sorry, just you”.

Another is when a girl wants your last name, I usually say “sorry, I don’t like to be googled”.

Polarizing is going for what you want in the risk of losing the girl. And ironically it’s what attracts them. I’ve almost never lost a girl for telling her what I want (maybe she didn’t want that at that exact moment, but I had the green light to try later). But I have lost girls for going along with what THEY wanted.