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I let my ego get the best of me. Well past week I havent seen her with the dudes car anymore so on my mind I was like ok cool. So I did everything as I explained earlier here.

On Monday I was driving to a job site which is on the same route as her job. When I look to the right I saw dudes car again. So my dumb ass gets upset and I had the “Fuck this attitude” So I text her about the car, flipping out SMFH! So she responds “Why are you upset with me? Whats wrong?” So now I’m not thinking straight, Im not caring about my game going out the window so I literally fucked up and asked her “Was she still seeing him” as soon as I sent the text I was like Fuckkkkkkkk

I know her reply doesnt even matter at this point which either way it was “I havent really spoken to him and i have had the car all this time blah blah” I just replied ok and I gave the lame ass story on how she is better than the things that she does, that she has a career (I went left field on her, didnt pertain to him)

Later that day she mentioned that she was tired and having a long day and was hungry, now I feel screwed up for literally throwing my cool and my game out the window. So on the way back since I pass by her job I dropped off some food and left right away. She text me that I was the best, kissy smilies and that I was king.

Past 2 days Ive been feeling fucked up for screwed up what was already going 100% according to plan and thats when I posted on here. At the moment I didnt give a shit about anything and now that I calmed down im like wtf did I just do?..