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I saw a good quote on facebook awhile ago–it’s cheesy but I like the mentality. It said “a flower doesn’t think of competing with the other flower next to it: it just blooms”

That is I think the healthiest way to look at dating, ‘game’, all this stuff. I have known people like that. Some are good looking, some not, some rich, some not, some with “high status”, some not at all. But they’re all great–and they all have zero trouble dating. Sure, they get rejected like everyone else, but that’s part of life. People like that are usually married by now, and happy about it. What draws women to these people is that they’re solid, mature, and can convey that to others.

There’s a line we use around here about “not giving a fuck”–I don’t like that phrasing because it strikes me as combative. I like “comfortable”. You can tell when a person is comfortable with themselves. It’s pretty impressive to watch.