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ok here’s a quick rundown of escalation.

first, you need to make sure you flirt with the girl. by flirt I mean you’re keeping the interaction non-serious. Just light and playful, and sexual. And above all, you make it clear to the girl that you are interested in having sex with her.

You don’t say “I’d like to have sex with you”, especially not in the beginning of the interaction before you’ve actually escalated. (After you’ve escalated the sky is the limit on what you can say really, you can say some pretty dirty shit actually).

But generally girls like implicit directness. So you basically look at her like you want to bone her, and you say things like “c’mooooon let’s have a drink. it’ll be fun.” sorta thing. With a smirk.

But above all do not, I repeat DO NOT, talk about average everyday banalaties like “what do you do, where do you work” and keep it serious like that. or talk to her like it’s an interview. there’s nothing that ruins an interaction quicker than that.

So basically, keep strong eye contact. Have a little smirk, and tell her what you want to do with her. It’s important to say things like it’s a command. it works wonders. so you take a girl and you say “let’s sit over there. come on follow me.” sort of thing.

basically get her used to you leading/commanding shit. This is important because it’ll make the physical escalation a whole hell of a lot easier. she needs to feel like you’re taking charge basically. an example that comes to mind is a vid i posted a while back. this kid has commanding to a T, even though he’s a highschooler he understands that girls like dominance. he overdoes it and i’m not saying to it like this exactly. but the underlying meaning behind it is powerful.

on the other hand, if you’re timid and weak and then physically escalate it just makes everything so much more awkward.

upto now we’ve just set the groundwork for what you do. once you’ve established that you’re the dominant it gives you the “excuse” to do certain physical escalations.

For example, say you open the door for her now you can put your hand on the small of her back as she walks in the door.

Or say you’re at a bar and you’ve told the girl that you want to get her a drink. you say “c’mon let’s go grab a drink together.” and you say it like a command, that gives you the greenlight to just take her by the hand and lead her to the bar.

When you’re sitting next to the girl and you’ve established a dominant frame it’s a lot easier to now just take her hand and examine her rings like “what’s this, where’s this from?” with a smirk… or even rest your hand on her thigh periodically, like when you’re emphasizing a point. again, this is all due to being dominant from the beginning. that’s what makes it all work.

you basically need to get her used to you touching her. here’s a few examples of how when to touch a girl

– I open a girl and I touch her on the shoulder “excuse me?”
– I ask her about her outfit and I might even tug on it. like “nice coat, what fabric is this?”
– I ask her about her rings or necklace.
– I put my hand on her back as I’m talking to her, when we’re both standing. for example at a bar.
– I just hold her hand as we’re talking.

if you want examples of how to touch/when to touch watch any russell brand interviews. here’s an example:

pay attention to 1:58 3:01 5:02 6:02 

basically start touching her any way you can. at this point you can start verbally escalating. you can talk to her about her dating life. you can even ask her questions like if she’s an adventurous person, if she’s reserved, if she’s sexual, if she’s open minded. then you just keep bringing the conversation deeper into the gutter. if she’s open sexually she’ll let you do that.

a good barometer of how well you’re escalating is if you get a hard on. if you’re limp the entire time talking to her, she is most likely dry too. usually when I physically escalate, ie I hold her hand or I talk about dirty things with her i’m usually really turned on and so is she.

This then gives you the ability to just ask her over to your apartment for “a drink”. it’s really hard to do this if you haven’t turned her on. the idea in escalation is basically to try and get the girl horny. once she’s horny there’s really no turning back for her…

anyway, hope this helped a bit feel free to ask if something isnt clear.