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In fact, most animals don’t do it. In a lion pride, a male stepping into another male’s territory is asking for a fight to the death. Same with a gorilla. Chimpanzees are more promiscuous, but it is still common for two male chimps to fight with intent to kill over a female. Rather than approaching females in their own social order – females that are under the protection of other males – chimpanzees form war parties and raid the communities of other chimpanzees to mate with their females.

In human society, we never approached females. We first conquered or made peace with their male protectors. The idea of talking to a female about her fate is about 100 years old, which is why talking to an attractive female produces as much stress as jumping out of a plane. Check out this article:

In terms of stress, the closest correlate to approaching a female is public speaking, which also spikes cortisol levels to nearly the same degree. Both are, in fact, a man asserting dominance and taking the leadership role, which is why it makes sense that the three most stressful activities are:

Falling from heights / skydiving
Public speaking
Talking to beautiful women

Nothing that is that hard for most of us is “natural”.