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I’ll make a few guest posts here since I’m on vacation.. until sunday anyway.

As far as your belief that you think it’s “weird” or “wrong” or whatever you think. I used to think that too as a beginner, a few years back. Now my belief has completely changed to the point where I think it’s weird not to approach during the day. If I’m in the mall, and in a store and I see a hot chick. I’ll feel ridiculous if I don’t approach her.

Your options are truly limited. You could do social circle (provided you have one that is conducive to meeting women — I don’t). You could do online-dating (if you’re looking for fat women or other broken toys cause that’s all you ever find there or you find the occasional hottie that never responds because she has hundreds of other swinging dicks messaging her). Or you can do bars/clubs (and again compete with hundreds of other guys and women that are completely jaded). Daygame is probably the hardest. but it’s logically the best.

It’s a battle of fitness really. only the strong will survive in this game. and since your earliest memory you’ve been approaching. ie when you were competing with millions of other sperm to reach the egg. only the fastest, strongest, smartest sperm reached the egg. so it is here in reality. you’re merely competing with other men to fuck a woman. and you’ll do it at all costs. as they will. you think anybody gives a fuck about you? they’re just like sperm trying to reach an egg. they’ll trample over you in a second. I don’t trust men OR women, everyone is always looking out for their own benefit and genetic survival. I especially don’t trust what women say.. they lie through their teeth. they’ll tell you they think it’s “creepy” if a man approaches them yet fuck the first guy that does. i’ve seen it happen numerous times.

so what’s my belief? use any way you can. hell, if you could club them over the head and/or shoot them with a dart (provided it was legal) then do that. there’s no holds barred here. all’s fair in love and war. because the reality of it is, while you’re hesitating, some other swinging dick will get her before you do using any method you can imagine.

so you want to approach daygame direct? go right ahead. noone’s stopping you. personally, I think it’s honorable.

and you want to approach daygame indirect? go right ahead too. you want to trick a woman to think you’re talking about some nonsense just to get into a conversation? all the better. there ain’t no rules here. whatever gets your dick inside of her at the end of the day is what you should do.

but the belief that you’re doing something “wrong”. well that’s exactly what’s gonna hold you back. shame is THE biggest thing stopping men from approaching women. it’s also the hardest to conquer, and can take hundreds if not thousands of approaches really. especially when it comes to daygame.

I would encourage you to bury those beliefs as soon as you can though. because time is ticking… and time goes by really fast.