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@ some guy uk

Thanks for putting that up so clearly, I think you have stated what’s on my mind as well, points 1 & 2 are pretty much what I am still working on.

Point 1 – the only way to truly eliminate the hesitation is to approach quickly, the old 3 ( or 5 or 7 second ) rule…which of course leads directly into the question of what you’re going to open with…..since speed is the key , the openers have to be ready or something very obvious ( if we’re going situational/observational) ….
More than anything, I believe killing the hesitation makes everything a lot easier….

Point 2 – Staying in longer – yea, I still eject quickly sometimes, even when its quite obvious I could push the interaction further….Nothing but discipline is going to work here I guess

Those, and improving my text game a bit are the main things I am working on….