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What Someguy is saying–watch the overbanter. The reason that it’s so easy for a little text to shift the entire dynamic is because she doesn’t know you AT ALL. If you had been dating for awhile, then do something weird, you can write it off as ‘oh, oops–I wasn’t myself!’ But if you’ve just met her–it’s really easy to raise red flags, and if she sees a flag, she’s not losing anything by writing you off and moving on. Sorry to be a bit harsh, but I’ve lost tons of opportunities by saying something weird/uncalibrated because I was confused what to say next.

As for the forced/flirty bit–the first series looked like it followed your original conversation–so it looked like natural flirting. Second one you borrowed some lines that you weren’t completely comfortable using. ANyway Lee usually uses that Russian girl one for pings after he hasn’t heard from someone in a while, I think. It’s not my thing, but everyone has their own style.