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But for this all to work, you do want to expect something to happen. In other words, what was your goal for this interaction? Was it just to bounce texts around, or go out on a date, or have sex with the girl? Maybe you weren’t aware of any goals at the time–but it helps to try to become aware of them.

The problem with most of us involved in these forums/community/etc. is that for various reasons there are some steps missing from seeing a girl to interacting with/sleeping with/dating her. It helps to try to see those steps, so that you can do them next time.

Regarding that specific text interaction, yes, I would have asked her out after your couple lines of flirting. Ultimately that’s the point of all this, and both you and she know this, even though you’re both playing “the game” and pretending not to know. But she’s not ACTUALLY fooled. So by not asking, it suggests that you were probably a bit scared to ask her out. Which is probably true–and that’s fine–but you have to take that gamble.