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@ antiquity

Barcelona – Man, I envy you….Continental Spanish women are some of the most gorgeous looking ….and they are totally ok with men approaching them ….The Spanish women that I’ve met , they like their men to be men….You’re in a good spot there …

The big picture : Continental European women have been going topless now since at least the 70s. Not just these girls, but probably their mothers too went topless at some point too…so no biggie….just treat them like any other set of girls…
From your past posts here, seems like you have a pretty good handle on approaching and opening…trust yourself and go with it…

Some anecdotes
Back in the mid 90s I had gone to Vienna for biz trip…. My last day there was a fine Saturday in June, first day all week that the weather had been good, and as I’m killing time walking to the river, I see a girl with nothing except flesh colored panties and high heels walking towards me….I thought she was some drunk, but no, totally awake from the way she was striding along.….tits bouncing up and down.
Then on the river bank itself, loads of families with women, almost all topless, and their children and husbands in tow… enjoying the sunny day..
They’re cool with it…
These girls know what they are doing….if they’re topless on a public beach, they are totally cool with it, and so should you be….

On the beach , the plus is that girls are in a positive mood, more relaxed , and if it’s a pair of girls, its ok to approach and talk to them…I done it often, though I have not had the good fortune to meet topless bathing beauties like you…

Usual situational or scripted openers –nothing fancy – most of the time I only use 2 openers – either some comment about working on their sun tans…or conversations about guys… big plus on the beach is that nobody is in a rush to go anywhere….so you can stop them even if they’re moving and start a conversation there….
The hardest are the girls who put on shades and fall asleep or look asleep while getting tanned ( burned ) on the beach….

If you can go to the beach there every weekend, do so, while the weather is still good….after a while you’ll be used to seeing boobs every where and it will be nothing …..:)))