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Very miscalibrated.

Whatever you could have gotten out of this girl, you had after she said “Holla she’s cute but why me? …” Messing with her more was not going to get you any more interest. After her “Holla”, I would have pulled back with something like “don’t read too much into it. you’re both adorable. that’s all i meant :-)”

Banter kills. At best, you look like you’re a dancing monkey. At worst, you step over the line like you did here. Either way, don’t banter back and forth with her before asking her out. One little ping like the one you sent, see if she asks you something to keep the conversation going – ie shows you some buy-in – then just ask her out.

Would it have worked? Not if you didn’t generate enough interest when you first approached her, but it wouldn’t have failed for
obvious reasons.